Monday, 17 October 2011

A Small Section from my Art Article:

I don’t see myself as an artist but I do enjoy the peaceful serenity that it gives me. To be inspired enough to paint a picture is art itself but to interpret that into something new – no one has the power to object to that.
It takes a long time to perfect your style but that time is always worth it. Someone out there will appreciate your work whether that means you have to find them through a crowd of people. Art is art and there are many different interpretations because no one is the same; every generation is different – every person is different.
You don’t even have to enjoy the arts to like it. A painting is a visual and emotional aspect to life (some with more mentally inspired themes) so it will always be accepted and has been for thousands of years.
I will leave it to you to decide how it makes your feel -- but great art is always remembered. xx

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