Tuesday, 22 November 2011

London IOE

Venturing into the IOE (Institute of Education) University of London on 11th November 2011 to participate in lectures run by different creators in the Art and Design industry.
Out of the four people who presented to us the work they had achieved in the previous years (Jessica Bugg, Skynola, David Mach and Betty Jackson) the last two were of huge inspiration to me and memorable competitors within the Art World.
Jessica Bugg and Shynola were both fantastically unique in the work they produced ranging from costume designs, make-up and technical effects to Radiohead Blip and Coldplay video productions. However, next was David Mach. Both memorable and unexpected, he presented his lecture with confidence and pride of the work he has made – why shouldn’t he? David Mach tends to use everyday household items including coat hangers, newspapers, magazines and matches but he is mainly known for his coat hanger figurers like the gorilla, Jesus on the cross and various other human body forms which are simply breathtaking.

Showing the vast scale and patience iof his giant sculptures.
Along with his life-size 18ft long steam train “Running out of Steam” constructed from 185000 bricks in Darlington, David Mach also produced work of greater scale. For example his series of sculptures made entirely of magazines ranged from 1.5 tonnes to the outstanding 140 tonne sculpture using the force of gravity and balance with newspapers and 5 abandoned burnt cars in Glasgow. However, Mach also produced work on a smaller scales like his match stick heads which he would set alight. Most of his match stick heads would be a representation of well known people all over the world or a mixture of animals. 

Such unique and precise work from a unique artist. "I want it to be emotional"
Alongside the remarkable art of David Mach next to present a lecture was Betty Jackson, long time fashion designer. At first, Betty Jackson never longed to be a fashion designer but she soon fell in love with the textile industry at Rochdale University after taking a fashion and textiles degree. "Completely different from anything I have ever experienced."
From this stage Betty Jackson started to become more and more involved in the fashion world where she realised she had a natural flare to be creative with materials she was given. "Colour starts the inspiration." Every collection had to start somewhere and Betty Jackson believed it was within the fabrics samples displayed to her in meetings and presented to her within the first month of the new season.
Betty Jackson always stated that become a fashion designer doesn't mean you have to be alone, it present you with a huge family of people that all have a role to create the perfect fall collection "so you have room for disasters to happen." She believes that everyone has an opinion and one of which is most crucial is he hair and make-up because they need inspiration form the clothes to create their masterpieces so they know what works and what could possible be altered.

Winter Collection 2011 "A Red Delight"
She also had a great love for fine art and wanted that to flow into the fabrics she uses to create these beautiful designs that are sent down the catwalk ready for the reporters, photographers, fashion designers and celebrites all around the world. After which is passed down the shops and hopefully sold ready for the next collection to be created. 
"Do you personally wear your own work?"
"Yes, I do all the time, i don't wear anything else"
I think this statement from Betty Jackson because it really shows the pride she has to her work and as a fashion icon if she wear the clothes her team make then why wouldn't anyone else??
Working in opposites we should be seeing more of the earthy colours in their next collection....always looking forward to it!

Laura Corke 11th November 2011 Trip to London IOE University xxx

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