Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Rubber Glove is the Object of Desire

A continuing project following the entwined lines of fashion and recycling. Within the BTEC course there are two groups and within those groups there are two pairs put together at random to create a collection from our chosen item.
We (the other group’s pair, my partner and myself) desired the object "Rubber Gloves" in a task to create a themed collection for the up and coming Fashion Show January 2012 including the following garments: a bag, a skirt, a waistcoat and a dress. Alice (my partner) will be creating a bag and my garment (a dress) which both need to be made entirely from rubber gloves following along the lines of the black and white theme that we have all coordinated within the past week.  
We are able to get simple base garments which we will be the foundations to our catwalk collections. – On Going Updates xx

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