Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Recycled Fashion xx

Over the past seven weeks we have been working on one project that had to be made suitable to walk down a catwalk. To get to our final result we had to produce work in our books to show our experimentations with a variety of medias and testing of our own objects -- previously stated, for me, its the rubber glove.
My book has turned out fo be a very strong collection of experiments ranging from moodboards, fashion illustrations, artists responses, photoshop, research and proposals and rubber glove tests to show the wide range of inspiration and knowledge i have gathered over these four weeks...
It has been a while since i recently posted but in that time i have been able to completely finish the Recycled Fashion Project and here is some of the work that i have been doing over following up to christmas and the last following days to perfect our books.
Below shows the main detailed experiment that i used for my dress before our christmas break and some of the photo shoots of both my models and my dress.

The backdrop for my photo shoot created in my garden from all small things lying around the house up
against our vine tree :)

Unfortunetely the work i have in my book i ave not been able to get onto the blog but as soon as i can. xx

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