Monday, 23 January 2012

Back to the Big City!! 2012

On Thursday 19th January 2012 the first years at Alton College studying BTEC Art were apart of a trip venturing up to London to find inspiration for our new project -- Architecture.
The day was as free as ever but long, tiring and a lot of walking. (Well for me) Unfortunately I only had my iPod touch for photos as my camera decided to break so here are some of the edited photos I took up in the big city... (They might be a little blurry)  

It was a very eventful day (even if Georgia fell after trying to fun up the escelator) and i will take great inspiration when it comes to to my final design. So far i have no idea eactly what i am heading for however i do have an image that i can work towards to keep me steady. i think it will include collage with a huge range of materials but we will have to wait and see :) xx

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