Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Architecture xx

Following the project of Architecture there has been multiple opportunities for photos and images that we are therefore able to work from throughout the course of this assignment. With the images I have taken both around the college and in London I have created a variety of responses from drawings, charcoal, gold card, monoprints and collages thus working towards two final pieces. Here is some of the work I have produced over the course of 6 weeks.

Tonal Drawings
Charcoal Drawing


Gold Card Prints

After our research and experiments we were told that we had to create two final pieces that would represent our best work and show off our skills to the best of our ability. From the start I was never sure exactly how I wanted to carry out this task however towards the end I had a clear image that I wanted to work towards.
Both of my pieces would link together somehow but I wanted to show variety so I constructed them with completely different views, my first was a collage that I have laboured over for a whole week straight and as an outcome I was over the moon. However when it came to the second piece I wasn’t sure what would look good next to this mixed media image but still have a contrasting effect.
I therefore decided on a piece that would look more realistic compared to my college but still have that quirky edge.
Posting the final pieces shortly... xx

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